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How to shop online safely!

There are several benefits of buying over the internet, but one thing that still worries many people is how to stay safe when shopping online. If you are one of these people, rest assured we will bring you a step by step on how to shop online safely and enjoy all the buying facilities without leaving your home.

Check below everything you need to be aware to make your purchases and enjoy only the advantages of buying online.


1) Choose an online store with a good reputation


It seems like an obvious tip, but it is one of the most important. Before buying, you should ask friends and family if they know the site ordo a little search on google or social media sites to check the reputation of the seller.



2) Make sure the site is secure


Do you know the browser’s address bar where you type the web address you want to access? It provides important information about the reliability of the website! Before making your purchase, see if the website has a lock icon in the browser’s address bar. This ensures that no one outside the store will be able to access your data at the time of the transaction.



3) See if the website has contact channels


If you have a problem, you will need to speak to someone, so it is important to check if the website provides a service channel. Also, be aware if the site discloses information such as email, address, and phone.



4) Read the website’s purchase policy


Before buying anything, check the website’s purchase policy. In it, you will understand how the site does the shipping, exchanges, return of goods, and delivery times. This information is very important when choosing where to buy.



5) Take care with social networks


Do not click on any ads! Very cheap offers that can arrive via links via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or even Instagram can be fake. Also, never share your personal data with unknown senders.



6) Beware of very low prices


Products have a price range that can even vary during promotional periods like Children’s Day or Black Friday, but if they are far below normal, it is important to be careful. To check the average price of products, you can use price comparators tools.



7) Choose a secure payment method



To make online transactions, we recommend that you use your virtual or physical card from PayPal. By using these two options, you avoid a series of headaches that can occur with anyone who uses a credit card for online purchases. If you are not yet a customer, do not waste time and download the app on PlayStore or AppStore or register on the website and start using your virtual wallet.

You can open your account in less than 10 minutes, quickly and safely, and the best: completely online. Always follow our safety tips and shop online safely

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