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The Digital Economy And Virtual Outsourcing

With the reality of the global digital economy becoming more the norm than the exception, what was once businesses moving departments offshore to save on human capital, now they are looking to online sites to find the world’s talent.


Strange isn’t it? Why hire someone whom you’ve never met in-person, but do you really need to? Is seeing someone in your office the deal breaker that you think it is? We’ve comprised a list of key reasons why you should consider virtual outsourcing.


5 Great Reasons To Plan On Virtual Outsourcing


If you have never considered hiring someone to work on your next project completely sight unseen, then we want get your attention. The tides are changing and the pool of amazing candidates may just be a lot bigger than you think, not to mention much more cost-effective than what you’ve been doing so far:


Technology Eliminates The Need For A Desk Onsite-


Do you actually need to see someone sitting at a desk in order to know that they are working? There are so many ways to track and monitor online virtually these days. The average company pays $30,000 per candidate to hire someone for a full-time job. Save the expense and look to virtual outsourcing to find talent while saving on human resources expenses.


Off-Shore Candidates Can Work For A Lot Less In Most Cases-


The American company that hires a candidate from another company will get an employee who is every bit as competent as the one from the homeland but at a lot less expense. Why not consider it? Seems as though there is nothing to lose and with the video capabilities, you can even interview your candidate through apps like Skype and Google Hangouts.


A Virtual Outsourcing Platform Bring Candidates To You-


Using a platform to connect with virtual candidates is a very convenient way to find them. The best part about a platform is that skills, resumes and work portfolios can be loaded into a profile so you can learn more about your candidate with the click of a button. You can vet as many candidates as you want to at one time and even have them compete to work for you!


There Is Greater Degree Of Protection For Both Of You-


Keeping things online allows both parties to get to know each other first and discuss skills and projects first before personal information is shared. This allows both parties to be free to share and decide if this opportunity will work for them first without feeling awkward about having information that you wouldn’t want them to have later on.


Reviewing Tools Allows You To See Comments From Other Managers-


Probably the best feature on a virtual outsourcing platform is the ability for those who have hired candidates to be able to leave reviews and comments about them and their work. You don’t have to wait for the interview to be over to ask for references, they come with them. These points clearly define why an online tool for hiring virtual candidates can make your next hiring activity seamless and efficient to do. No need to waste money advertising on Google Adwords or expensive hiring sites


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