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Successful YouTube Marketing - by 800 Digital

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful YouTube Marketing

While some people look at YouTube as a social media platform, others only see it as an online video platform. However, no matter your opinion, there’s no question that there are many marketing opportunities on YouTube. So, you want to make sure that you take advantage of this powerful platform.


The Ultimate Guide to a Successful YouTube Marketing


Step #1: Create A YouTube Channel For Business


In case you haven’t done so, it is wiser to create a YouTube channel for business. While you could use your personal account, a business one will allow you to open and manage multiple YouTube channels.


Step #2: Understanding Your Audience


To ensure that your YouTube channel is a success, you need to know your audience. In case you’re just starting, a good way to start is by taking a look at YouTube demographics. In addition, checking the YouTube Analytics tab can also deliver some insight into your audience.

The main goal of knowing your audience well is that you can then plan to create content for it.


Step #3: Check Your Competition


One of the things that you should also do is to check your competition.

The first step would be to identify your main competitors and then see what they have been doing. As you can imagine, you won’t do the same thing they are doing but improve it.

Step #4: Pay Attention To Your Favorite Channels


Another thing you can do is to simply pay more attention to your favourite channels. Just annotate the formats and techniques that grab your attention. Besides, you can also try to understand how they drive views, subscriptions, and engagement.

Notice that you can look at channels that are in your industry as well as out of your industry to get ideas.


Step #5: Optimize Your Videos


One of the things you may not know about YouTube is that it works as a search engine just like Google. This means that videos are ranked higher or lower depending on their titles, keywords, descriptions, among others. 

So, you want to ensure that you optimize your YouTube videos so that you can show up higher on search results and, consequently, get more views. 

Some of the things you should consider doing include:

  • Using a strong title (take some time to think about an attractive title that gets the attention of your audience). 


  • Create a standout thumbnail (while this is the first thing people see, most neglect to create a good thumbnail). Notice that it should be 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 ratio).


  • Write a description using keywords. While the description should provide a brief summary of your video topic, you should add some keywords in a natural way. Make sure that you also add links to your website and social channels as well. 


  • Add cards to your videos. These are small transparent CTAs that expand when clicked.


  • Add an end screen to promote subscriptions, related content, and your website. 


  • Remind your viewers to like, share, and subscribe. Just remember that asking never hurts.
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